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We are a team of two people (then why team?) who passionate about gadgets and its inner technology. We try to give you most from the available gadgets and products in India. What we do is that we provide you post with the list of chosen set of features from latest and greatest gadgets, such as “Best smartphones released in June-July” or “Best budget Microwave Oven available in India”.  We also post useful tips and guides to using gadgets such as “What type of Air Cooler (AC) you should buy for a medium size bedroom”.

Now about the name of site “UPKARAN” or in the Hindi language “उपकरण”. First, read the definition in the Hindi language as per Wikipedia (उपकरण).

उपकरण या औजार (tool) उन युक्तियों को कहते हैं जो किसी कार्य को करने में सुविधा या सरलता या आसानी प्रदान करते हैं।

As per the definition, Upkaran / Aujar is “THE TOOL” 🔨 which helps us or makes easy in our work. That’s why we like this particular phrase and choose as our blog title.

Happy Surfing. 🏄

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